EnzLab Spectrometer System

The EnzLab Spectrometer System is a comprehensive system for spectrometric food analysis including enzymatic analysis and other photometric tasks. The system includes the Thermo Scientific GENESYS 10S(TM) UV/Vis-spectrometer with a 6-cell changer. The instrument features an affordable price, small footprint, an exchangeable sample turret and good general optical performance. The wavelength range is 190-1100 nm (Vis version: 325-1100 nm) at a spectral bandpass of 1.8 nm (Vis Version 5 nm). Thus the instrument covers all wavelengths settings necessary for enzymatic food analysis and assures accurate results even for highly absorbing samples (up to 3 A).

The comprised EnzLab software assures the fast routine determinations of important food constituents with up to 6 samples in parallel.

The system comes with the Thermo Scientific VISIONlite Windows software, which includes modules for general spectrum scanning, enzyme activity determinations and photometric quantitative measurements.

The system requires a standard PC with a USB interface and a 32- or 64-Bit Windows 7/8/10 operating system. For fast access with simple measurements, the spectrometer can be operated also directly without PC.


    GENESYS 10S UV/Vis specifications


    Xenon flash
    (typ. lifetime 5 yr)

    Wavelength range

    190 - 1100 nm

    Spectral bandwidth

    1,8 nm

    Stray light

    <0,08 % at 340 nm

    Dynamic range 

    0 to 3.5 A

    Absorbance accuracy at 1 A

    +/- 0.005 A

    Wavelength accuracy

    +/- 1 nm

    Scan speed  

    1 - 4200 nm/min