EnzLab   Configurations

EnzLab is currently offered in the following configurations:

(1) EnzLab manual Version
Software for enzymatic analysis with manual data input from an external photometer/spectrometer. Data input can be either in tabular form or with time-controlled prompts for each reading.

(2) EnzLab online Spectrometer Version
EnzLab is the full version software for automated enzymatic analysis with a standard laboratory UV/Vis spectrometer. Thus the system will also be suited to perform standard photometric analysis besides enzymatic analysis. The spectrometer can be equipped with an automatic cell changer. This allows running a number of samples in parallel.

EnzLab is compatible with most of the Thermo Scientific UV/Vis- and Vis-spectrometers and with PerkinElmer UV/Vis spectrometers Lambda 12/20/25(all ®) and compatible models, see also the Spectrometers site.

(3) EnzLab SE (security edition) online Spectrometer Version
This version of the EnzLab software provides all functions of the standard online version. Additionally it comprises all required functionality to fulfill 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

(4) EnzLab Spectrometer System
This is a Thermo Scientific GENESYS 10S UV/Vis with a 6-cell changer, Thermo Scientific VISIONlite® UV/Vis applications software and EnzLab software.
A PC with a Windows operating system is additionally required.

Further configurations, systems, and software extensions are in preparation. Information on request.
Systems with modified configurations are also available.