EnzLab    UV/Vis-Spectrometers supported

Thermo Scientific

controls the Thermo Scientific UV/Vis spectrophotometer models
   Evolution 200 series and Evolution 300, Evolution 100, Evolution 160
   GENESYS 6, GENESYS 10, GENESYS 10 Bio, GENESYS 10 UV scanning
   AquaMate, BioMate 3, BioMate 5, BioMate 6
   GENESYS 10 S UV/Vis, GENESYS 10 S Vis, BioMate 3 S, Evolution 60 S (not EnzLab SE with
    USB controlled instruments)

Also older models as Helios alpha, Helios beta, Helios gamma, Helios delta series, UV-1, UV-19, UV-100, UV-300, UV-500 and models of the Unicam Helios series are generally compatible to EnzLab.

It is recommended to equip the spectrometer with a cell changer/cell positioner (Evolution 300: not double cell changer).

More information at Thermo Scientific.


EnzLab is compatible to the following single and double-beam models of the Lambda Series of UV/Vis-spectrometers:
   Lambda 2, Lambda 2S,
   Lambda 11, Lambda 12, Lambda 14, Lambda Bio
   Lambda 10, Lambda 20, Lambda 40,
   Lambda 25, Lambda 35, Lambda 45.

It is recommended to use a 13-position cell changer or any other cell changer model.

More information at PerkinElmer.