Lambda-SPX Versions

Lambda-SPX S 4.4     July 2015
- Control of USB connected Lambda 950 series instruments and additional configuration parameter PortType.
- Lambda 950 series: Cell changer attached to spectrometer is controlled.
- PV Tests measurements request an operator name.
- csv format spectra files in the Unicode format can be imported.
- Additional configuration parameter "RateRegresionLine=" to suppress linear fit curve with Rate/Enzyme activity calculations.
- Additional configuration parameter "GraphPermanentExpandX=" to define the behaviour of the Scan/Graph/Permanent option.
- Additional configuration parameter AddMethodExt.msc=.mfx allows to perform Fixed measurements from within the Scan application.
- Bug Fix: Derivativ scanning increased data range automatically
- Bug Fix: Load Results menu entry was not included in local language translations.
- Bug Fix: Reporter-SPX variable "SystemOperatorname" was not implemented.

Lambda-SPX S 4.3     April 2014
- Additional switches for software startup are introduced for an external call of the software.
- Additional Data Handling and Measure script templates: Abscissa shift, Set Line, Ordinate Average, DoublePol Alignment.
- As recommended by the instrument manufacturer, the common beam mask of Lambda 950 series instruments is driven to full opening before driven to another setting.
- If a scan is terminated, because the reflectance correction or attenuator data do not cover the required wavelength range, the correctly recorded data are available for manual data storage.
- If a Timedrive measurement is terminated before the defined end time, this event is saved with the audit trail information.
- If in Conc calibration not all standards have been measured, it is possible to cancel the measurement of standards and to delete or deactivate the standards not measured. Then the Recalculate button is available to setup the calibration with the measured standards.
- The IPV Wavelength accuracy test allows selecting the ordinate modes %T or A.
- Additional sipper and temperature control configuration options.
- Script templates Attenuation modified so that RearAttenuattorxx spectra are addressed.
- The routine SPC_CONV_W_UVDM_SP.exe (export as UVDM format spectrum) removed because of repeated wrong virus warning for this file. The routine is available on request.
- With csv-import, ordinate designations T (if data > 1.25) and T% are changed to %T; designations R%, Reflectance, %RC, %RA are changed to %R. If the characters abs (e.g. in Absorbance) are detected, the designation is changed to A.

Lambda-SPX S 4.23     November 2013
- Conc application: With replica measurements (repeated measurements), for each replicate a new sample is queried in manual mode and a new sample is aspirated in sipper mode .
- Scan/Timedrive/Wavprog (sipper mode) observe the option Pump each cycle with each measurement cycle.
- The execution of Peak pick in the Spectrum information window does not use the displayed method settings, but queries the user for the required parameters Maxima and/or Minima and Threshold with dedicated windows.
- An additional configuration parameter allows blocking the option to enter and select the Operator name. Instead, the Windows login name is used in the configured presentation.
- When the entered Operator name is deleted, the system automatically re-enters the Windows login name.
- All calculation script templates are revised so that the actual user name is entered.
- New script template functions are available for the data handling menu: Set Operate name and Double Gridlines.
- Additional sample information entries can also be applied for CalculateFormula expressions with Reporter-SPX templates.

Lambda-SPX S 4.2     October 2013
- The File menu has additional functions to load recently used spectra / data sets and results.
- The Advanced Options window has additional functions to extend the Sample information window with up to 6 additional method-specific and user-defined categories for sample information.
- The entered information is stored with the data / result and reports. It is shown in the report and in the Spectrum / Data information window. Positions of this information can be configured.
- Dedicated variables allow placing the information to a report template with Reporter-SPX.
- A horizontal cursor is available.
- An additional configuration setting allows opening the File menu and the graph functions during a scan. Thus it is possible to load an additional spectrum during a scan.
- Printout can be alternatively defined in Landscape format.
- Font size of standard report sections (header, peak table, enzyme results, etc.) can be defined. Thus a line break can be avoided at times.
- The software maintains a list of up to 25 recent operators. With the Operator entry box, a drop-down list allows selecting one of them.
- The report PDF export can be configured so that it opens a File save .. window for selecting a path and entering a filename.
- During baseline correction, the live display shows the actual baseline values with TB as an ordinate mode.
- A Show Baseline function is available to load the active baseline data to the graph.
- The MethodLink function is extended to allow the definition of multiple samples.
- Default attenuator spectra are installed (Lambda 950 series) to the Data directory. The user is warned, if instrument specific files are not yet established instead.
- The IPV application includes the wavelength accuracy check with the D2 lamp line at 656,1 nm and its double value (2nd grating order) as Internal standard (Lambda 950 series).
- Baseline spectrum additionally shows instrument type/accessory/instrument serial number (Lambda 950 series).
- The IPV application uses a different dialog window so that the live display continues with Insert sample messages.
- The File / Load method function is able to load report templates for execution.
- Additional functions for spectrum abscissa conversion (nm -> cm-1, eV) and ordinate conversion (A -> dB, mA, o.D.) are available in the Data Handling menu.

Lambda-SPX S 4.1     May 2013
- Software Program Data directory renamed to Data directory and moved to Users space
- IPV application added for instrument validation
- Ordinate min/max entry 0/0 can be used to have an autorange graph during measurement.
- Script Copy graph to clipboard added
- Text reports (Show method, Wavprog, Conc with factor) have dedicated template
- RLS-Export functions added
- Minor modifications in graph layout
- Subtasks can also be of other file types (documents, .bat file, etc.) as long as Windows is able to execute these files.
- Default setting for Autoincrement configuration parameter set to 0
- Open method also allows opening .rpx templates
- Improved editing function for sample data entries and table data entries
- Detection of list separator character in sample list file improved
- Problems with Lambda 25/35 removed, when communication terminator defined as LF instead of CR/LF
- Wavprog: Redundant column in export file with single wavelength readings removed.
- URA_Stepper bug removed: After baseline run the wrong detector had been activated for first sample (PbS instead Si).
- Quant: bug removed: With long integration times, the standards table could be edited.

Lambda-SPX S 4.0     May 2012
- The Lambda 950 Series URA accessory can be controlled in all functions.
- URA stepper function included.
- Maximim number of samples (Wavprog, Conc) increased to 2500, in Timedrive to 500.
- Import of csv files improved: Exponential figures are accepted, text lines after the data block are taken as description, multiple spectra are possible.
- In the Conc application measurement and sample averaging can be configured.
- Method Link option for Lambda 950 series added.
- Further configuration options in the ascapp.ini configuration file.

Lambda-SPX S 3.3/3.39     August 2011
- User interface style adapts to Windows version style; window background color can be modified in ascapp.cfg configuration file - if undefined, the Windows default is applied.
- The Conc application additionally allows referencing to weight of solid samples
- The Conc application additionally allows cubic calibration curves.
- A USB relay unit can be controlled; typically to operate an external sipper pump.
- The sipper (or external sipper pump) can be defined to sip with each cycle of Scan and Wavprog repetitive measurements and with Timedrive runs.
- In the Scan application the frame expansion is done without [Shift] key. Instead, the abscissa expansion requires to use the [Shift] key.
- Additional Permanent option for Scan graph display. This prevents the existing graphs to be removed retains the active graph scaling for a new method setup.
- With an enzyme activity calculation, the Timedrive application adds a linear fit to graph (only if 1 data set displayed).

- Import option for binary PerkinElmer UVWinLab (2.0-3.0) spectra
- Option for importing PerkinElmer UVWinLab (2.0-3.0) method files
- Conc: cubic calibration function with/without intercept added
- Bug fixing: “Error: 242, UV lamp fault" when adressing the UV lamp, terminates a scan, if UV-lamp is required
- Bug fixing: peak labelling not executed automaticlly after scan
- Bug fixing: negative value for first data point is interpreted correctly.

Lambda-SPX S 3.2      December 2010
- Lambda 950 series: compatible to instrument firmware version 1.6.1 and 1.5.0 (restricted attenuator operation)
- Lambda 950 series: Minor problems removed and automatic workarounds for firmware inconsistencies introduced
- ResultTable variables options extended
- Prepared for OptLab-SPX to install to start routine

Lambda-SPX S 3.1      August 2010
- Maximal number of spectra in graph increased to 50
- Maximal number of data handling commands increased to 50
- Additional commands via templates also in Measure menu
- Negative wavelength entries allowed for Goto WL
- Lambda 950 series: Lamp working hours pop-up in operating toolbar
- Lambda 950 series: Methods can be linked
- Lambda 950 series: additional data handling options
- Lambda 950 series: additional specific configuration options

Lambda-SPX S 3.0      March 2010
Program mode for Lambda 950 series (similar to UVWinLab Expert mode)

Lambda-SPX S 1.8      February 2009
Instrument control for Lambda 1050 (InGaAs detector) and Lambda 900 family integrating sphere with InGaAs detector

Lambda-SPX S/P 1.7     May 2008
- Minimal Timedrive interval 0,1 s
- Command “Remeasure” for Scan and Timedrive
- Export function (with Reporter-SPX) also in Timedrive
- Graphics autoscaling improved

Lambda-SPX S/P 1.6      March 2008
- Control of Lambda 900/950 double polarizer and depolarizer
- Incremented filenames of a sample list are automatically incremented such that an unused filename is established (can be switched off)
- Menu “Data handling” (with Reporter-SPX) also in Timedrive

Lambda-SPX S 1.5      December 2006
Initial version for spectrometers with serial interface, like Lambda 25, Lambda 45 and compatible older instruments.

Lambda-SPX 1.5      October 2006
- Ordinate modes %R and f(R) (each with reflectance correction) and %Ra
- Context menu in sample information window
- External spectrum format converter applicable (available for PerkinElmer UVDM-Format)
- Scan: main menu “Data handling” with Reporter-SPX
- Wavprog: Instrument parameters in report
- Error fixing: method slit setting is correctly set in Conc mode.

Lambda-SPX 1.4       June 2006
- Problem stop of baseline measurement with older instrument processor boards removed.

Lambda-SPX 1.3       March 2006
- Optional sample list
- Error fixing: detector change point

Lambda-SPX 1.2        January 2006
- Text label for graphics
- Adaptations for Lambda 18
- Autozero independent of baseline
- Wavelength display during baseline correction run- Error fixing: baseline wavelength not rounded

Lambda-SPX 1.1      October 2005
- “No Blank” Option
- Smooth parameter passed to Reporter-SPX

Lambda-SPX 1.0       August 2005
Initial version for spectrometers with parallel interface (Lambda 16/18/19, etc.)