Lambda-SPX Application Software
for PerkinElmer UV/Vis(/NIR)-Spectrometers

Lambda-SPX is a complete software suite for all standard tasks in UV/Vis and UV/Vis/NIR spectrometry. The software features a comprehensive and clear user interface, which presents basic measurement parameters, data and results in a single window. Supported by an extensive online help, familiarization is virtually not required. Results are generated as fast as with local control operation, but with all the convenience of the ubiquitous Windows user interface.

The following instruments are supported:

Lambda 19 series:
- Lambda 16, Lambda 18, Lambda 19
- Lambda 5, Lambda 7, Lambda 15, Lambda 17, Lambda 9 and Lambda 9 U/Vis
(Lambda-SPX software is part of the Lambda-SPX Update Kit)

Accessories like cell changers and sippers are supported.

Lambda 950 High Peformance series:
- Lambda 650, Lambda 800, Lambda 850 UV/Vis double monochromator spectrometers
- Lambda 750, Lambda 900, Lambda 950 UV/Vis/NIR double monochromator spectrometers
- Lambda 1050 UV/Vis/NIR double monochromator spectrometer with additional InGaAs detector.

This includes the newe USB connected instrument versions.

Accessories as URA (Universal reflectance accessory) and cell changer are supported, whereas  temperature control and sipper are not supported. An instrument parameter program mode is available in all applications.

The software offers the following application modules:


spectrum recording


ime dependent measurements at single wavelength


easurement at multiple, single wavelengths


quantitative determinations


Instrument performance validation (not Lambda-SPX Update Kit)

Each application features a separate routine so that there is no ballast of common functions. Nevertheless all applications are as equal as possible and are equally operated by methods in a routine environment. Various ordinate modes including reflectance modes with dark/white online correction are available.

The Scan application records spectra, stores them to disk automatically and presents the spectra graphically. The graphical presentation offers overlay of up to 20 spectra, formatting of axes, peak-picking and single-wavelength readout via cursor. Automated repetitive measurements are possible.


   Figure  Lambda-SPX Advanced Parameters window with Lambda 950 parameters and
          parameters Program table

Spectra can be easily converted to the JCAMP and to the Microsoft Office Excel(R) compatible csv-format and can be exported via clipboard.

The Timedrive application allows following absorbance change in time at a single wavelength – optionally corrected by the absorbance at a reference wavelength. Data are stored automatically and are presented graphically. The graphical and export functions of the scan application apply. Optionally, the enzyme activity can be calculated for a selectable time range via a regression calculation.

The Wavelength Programming application records ordinate values at up to 20 single wavelength positions. It applies factors and/or calculates differences or ratios. The application also offers automated repetitive measurements.

For the results, a target range can be entered. Outside values are marked by user-defined texts. The results table can be exported as an Microsoft Office Excel compatible file.

The Concentration application for quantitative, photometric measurements records the sample absorbance at the measurement wavelength and optional reference wavelengths. It allows setting up a calibration functions following a linear or a curved (quadratic) model with/without intercept. The optimized calibration function can be integrated into the method. Alternatively, also a calibration factor or entry of curve parameters can be applied. A results target range can be applied as described above.

Instrument Performance Verification (IPV)
The IPV application allows performing a full in-strument validation. The required tests can be selected and the reference and tolerance values can be defined. With an automatic cell changer, the procedure can be run without further handling. Results of the tests are summarized in a comprehensive report.

Spectrum Evaluations with Optional OptLab-SPX Software
The OptLab-SPX software is used to derive various optical sample parameters from the sample spectrum.

Report Configuration with Optional Reporter-SPX Software
Installing the additional Reporter-SPX software opens options to generate individual graphical and page report layouts.

Hardware Requirements
Lambda-SPX does not require specific hardware (requirements for Lambda 19 series apply) and can be operated under Windows Vista / 7 / 8;8.1 (Update kit Windows 7 Professional 32-bit). For communication, an RS-232 serial interface (Lambda 25 and 950 series), a USB interface (Lmbda 950 serieswith USV control or the Lambda-SPX Update Kit (Lambda 19 series) is required.