Update Kit for PerkinElmer Lambda 16, Lambda 18 and Lambda 19 UV/Vis- and UV/Vis/NIR-Spectrometers

The PerkinElmer ™ spectrometer models Lambda 16, 18 and 19 are robust and high-performing instruments that are operated via PC with the Perkin-Elmer UVCSS (DOS software) or UVWinLab ™ (2.0-3.0) (16-bit Windows software). A high fraction of these instruments is still in everyday use.

A severe drawback of these Instruments however is the interfacing via a parallel IO PC-board that installs to an ISA bus. PCs of current generations do not provide this option anymore. Older PCs on the other hand cannot be operated under current MS Windows versions and are not compatible to current interfaces, like USB or network adaptors. Thus, these PCs are difficult to service, do not fit to a company network and do not offer the ease and safety of use, which we are used to. Moreover the UVCSS and UVWinLab software packages do not follow current requirements, e. g. by the restriction of the length of filenames to 8 characters. The current PerkinElmer UV/Vis software line does not support this group of instruments.

Based on long-term experience in controlling PerkinElmer UV-spectrometers, ascanis offers a modern, future-oriented solution for hardware and software: The kit comprises a PCI interface board according to current PC standards, an appropriate interface cable and a version of the Lambda-SPX application software.

With this kit, PerkinElmer Lambda 16, 18 and 19 UV/Vis(-NIR) spectrometers can be operated with a standard PC under MS Windows XP. This opens for example the usage of modern data handling software on the PC or the implementation network and e-mail functions. It is not necessary to apply any modifications to the instrument.

The Lambda-SPX application software offers a similar scope as the UVCSS or the UVWinLab and it can optionally be extended by additional software. For specific requirements, dedicated solutions can be generated by ascanis.

Thus it is possible to extend the lifetime of the established Lambda 16, 18 and 19 spectrometers with a small budget. It protects the investments to the instrument, its accessories, user training or SOPs. An updated system will be largely equivalent to a new spectrometer, since Lambda 16/18/19 spectrometers are solidly designed and manufactured. On the other hand, the technology of UV/Vis spectrometry has not experienced substantial developments in the past 20 years.

Also, the update kit can be employed with the older UV/Vis and UV/Vis/NIR spectrometers Lambda 5 and Lambda 7, Lambda 15 and Lambda 17 and Lambda 9. By omitting the instrument control box with screen and instrument printer/plotter, the instrument optical unit is directly attached tot he PC and controlled by the Lambda-SPX software. Besides a substantial saving of footprint and a faster operation, also extended functionality is achieved. The system can print through a modern printer connected to the PC.

Shipped Items
The Update Kit comprises the following items:

  • PCI board with driver, compatible to Windows XP and Windows 7
  • Cable, 1 m, to connect the instrument to the PC
  • Lambda-SPX software for instrument control, data recording and evaluation. The software includes the modes: Scan, Timedrive, Wavprog and Concentration.

Optional Add-on Software

Hardware Requirements
The kit requires an industry standard PC (single core CPU, min. 1.5 GHz/1 GB RAM) with a CD drive, one free PCI slot and free onboard parallel interface (LPT1), i. e. the printer is connected to USB or network.
For Lambda 5/7, 15/17 , 9 an additional filtered power connector with a switch is recommended.
(Conflicts with existing PC-components cannot be completely excluded.)

Operating System
Windows XP / 7 Professional (32 bit) (all ®)

Note: An incompatibility with the applied PC hardware or software cannot be completely excluded in general.