Updates for PerkinElmer UV/Vis- and UV/Vis/NIR-Spectrometers

A modern Approach for the PC-Control for proven Instruments such as PerkinElmer Lambda 16 and Lambda 18/19 as well as Lambda 15/17

The Perkin-Elmer UV/Vis-spectrometers and UV/Vis/NIR-spectrometers

    Lambda 16, Lambda 18, Lambda 19
     Lambda 15, Lambda 17

are robust and high-performing instruments that have been designed and manufactured in the years from about 1986 to 1997 at Bodenseewerk Perkin-Elmer in Ueberlingen/Germany. However these instruments cannot be operated with current PC-hardware and operating systems.

The ascanis Lambda-SPX Update Kit accomplishes to operate these instruments with state-of-the-art  PCs, modern output devices and network. Thus the instruments lifetime can be extended to assure the operation for a number of further years. Instruments need not be taken out of operation untimely – a substantial reduction of costs. This can be of special interest for small enterprises that require a high-performance spectrometer or for scientific or university institutes. It is also of interest, when dedicated SOPs and accessories have been developed, which would require modifications for an implementation with a new spectrometer.

The Lambda-SPX update kit has proven its reliable and easy implementation with a number of installations over the past 5 years. For servicing the instruments, the experienced PerkinElmer service organization is at hand. You may also contact ascanis for the supply of second-hand spare parts or accessories.

Application Software for PerkinElmer Lambda 650 - 1050

The Perkin-Elmer UV/Vis-spectrometers and UV/Vis/NIR-spectrometers

      Lambda 650, Lambda 750, Lambda 800, Lambda 850, Lambda 900,
     Lambda 950 and Lambda 1050

are distributed by PerkinElmer as its high-performance double-monochromator spectrometers since about 1996. ascanis provides a version of the Lambda-SPX software to control this series of spectrometers. With its straightforward and intuitive operation, this software can be an interesting update for previous versions or an alternative for the existing standard operation software. Existing UVWinlab (R) (vers. 2.0-3.0) spectra and methods can be imprted.