OptLab-SPX    Usage of Calculation Expressions

Besides using the predefined calculation parameters, OptLab-SPX also allows defining individual calculations with spectral data and with result values This option lends itself for performing simple quantizations or decisions. Many routine UV/Vis measurements are based on such principles. This is for example the color intensity and color hue of red wine, which requires simple calculation with the absorbance value at 2-3 wavelengths.

The calculations can comprise spectral data of one or more spectra, user entries and the standard calculation functions, e.g. + - / *, log, abs, sqr, etc. Additional functions are available for peak-picking within a given range and with a given threshold or for extracting the highest/lowest value and its abscissa position.

Results can be assigned to a storage position and can be used for another calculation. Logical decisions can be defined with the result of calculations. Thus it is possible to simply execute pass/fail decisions.

Results can be output with a header and a trailer. The decimal places can be defined.