Reporter-SPX and VISIONlite®

VISIONlite is a modern and powerful MS Windows® applications software for Thermo Scientific® UV/Vis and VIS spectrometers. The software covers data recording, evaluation and result presentation functions for all typical UV/Vis applications and it is compatible to most of the Thermo Scientific UV/Vis and VIS spectrometers. VISIONlite can be complemented by the additional installation of the Reporter-SPX software to introduce superior and versatile reporting and evaluation functions. They can be required to generate analysis certificates or an extensive sample report. Thus Reporter-SPX complements VISIONlite with specific options dedicated to the requirements of molecular spectroscopy.

Reporter-SPX allows VISIONlite users
- to define the graphical presentation of spectra and Rate data sets in many respects (Graphics layout),
- to define the appearance of VISIONlite result reports and to include additional calculations and decisions with spectra data (Page Layout).
Both functions can be either defined for general usage or a specific for a method.

The Page Layout defines the type and position or report elements. These can comprise amongst others:
- One or more spectrum diagrams with optional specific graph layout and inserted reference data,
- Labeling of the report with fixed texts, measurement parameters and user inputs as requested during report generation,
- Graphical elements like a bit map company logo,
- Calculations and decisions with spectral data and user queried information,
- Import of information from the clipboard or file, e.g. for importing additional calculation results,
- Page headers and report footnote (e.g. for a signature field) with page numbering .
By adding simple VB scripts, which will be executed during report generation, it is possible to establish virtually any automation option like adding data listings or complex mathematical evaluations.


      VISIONlite Scan application with modified logarithmic graph layout

Examples reports are given on the Reporter-SPX page.

Configuration options of the Graph Layout comprise amongst others:
-  Size of diagram, border, header and background color,
-  Line width, type and colors for curves and axis,
-  Overlay of several sample and reference curves,
-  Spacing, type and depiction of grid lines,
-  Position, size and type of legend,
-  Logarithmic scaling and referencing to second left ordinate,
-  Scaling fixed, rounded or automatically expanded.

The print preview shows the appearance of the final result with a single mouse-click.

Reporter-SPX can also be run off line or as a spectrum viewer.

Summary: The scope of Reporter-SPX functions allow you to adapt the VISIONlite reports to requirements specific to the company’s regulations or to customer requests. Extended data evaluations not offered by VISIONlite become possible. With the addition of measurement parameters, inclusion of weight and factors, querying for user comments and an insertion of a signature field will make a GLP compatible VISIONlite result report.