Reporter-SPX   Versions

Reporter-SPX 3.2.x   April-August 2014
- New configuration parameters UpdateSpectrumList and PageLayoutSelExecute.
- Bug fix: With the configuration pdf storage a pdf file without name has been created. Now: name of (first) spectrum file.
- Bug fix: The latest spectrum to be highlighted was only taken from the latest used spectrum type. This is corrected.

Reporter-SPX 3.12   November 2013
- Additional variable SystemOperatorname
- SpectrumUserParam variables (with numerical contents) can be applied in CalulateFormula expressions.

Reporter-SPX 3.1   October 2013
- Horizontal cursor
- The function File/Load spectrum with the ">>" allows opening one of the 9 recently used spectra immediately.
- PDF-Export from Print Preview window can be configured so that a File save dialog is opened.
- Additional sample information from Lambda-SPX >4.1 and OptLab-SPX >4.4 can be integrated to the report via UserParameter variables.
- Standard graphics template $Standard.oc2 modified.
- Additional skript function "frmMessageBox".
- Additional functions in Data Handling menu.

Reporter-SPX 3.0     January 2013
- Modernized user interface
- Further change of directory structure in accordance to other ascanis software packages.
- Graphics zoomed changed: Zooming of a detail section does not require the Shift key.
- Routine for importing binary spectra of the PerkinElmer PECSS(UVCSS)/UVWinLab (vers. 2.0-3.0) softwares can optionally be installed.
- Improvements and extension for import of csv files.
- Page Designer: Additional Ask variables AskFilename and AskMultiLineText.
- Additional functions for the formula interpreter.
- Extensions to the script functions, i.e. functions for the clipboard
- Footer for report is configurable.
- When the report is saved, included scripts are deleted.
- Maximal number of entries for the Data handling menu increased to 50.
- Further spectrum calculation options are installed in Data handling menu.
- Bug fix: << and >> extensions for variables are also observed in tabular output.
- Bug fix for mathematical expression with a leading "-" character. Spaces are no more allowed in mathematical expressions.

Reporter-SPX 2.0     May 2010
- Modification of directory structure according to the other ascanis application software packages
- Splitting and change of syntax of the configuration file
- Extension of the Spectrum information window:
  Read Cursor function
  "apply to all" option
  Peak detection with tabular output
  Output of spectrum Audit Trail information
  Copy function to transfer spectrum data to clipboard in a tabular form
- Data Handling menu with examples for simple spectrum calculations
- Options/Preferences function with indication of ProgramData directory and option to start Windows Explorer
- Result area for alphanumerical results alike a peak list is shown below graph area, if required
- New Page Designer variables Spectrum Location, txtHeader, txtResults, txtFooter
- Extension of specific VB script functions.

Reporter-SPX 1.4     April 2008
- Saving spectra in csv- or dx format added
- New Page Designer variables:
- Extension of specific VB script functions
- Spectra of the reight ordinate axis are marked with >> in the legend box
- Time deopendent data (.dti data files) are listed in Load spectrum command
- Error with interchanged methods and data directory resolved
- UVWinLab (2.0-3.0) support removed

Reporter-SPX 1.3      December 2004
- Import of JCAMP spectra
- Import of ASCII tables and csv files
- Import of PerkinElmer UVWinLab 5.0 or higher spectra in ASCII format

Reporter-SPX 1.2       July 2004
- Parameter Right Axis and option Right axis for calling the software from other programs,
- Transfer of alphanumerical result tables and transfer of single table data,
- Additional calculation functions for numerical rounding,
- Additional calculation function for the extraction of the slope of readings and the related statistical parameters
- Additional support functions for scripting
- Adaptations for usage with Thermo Scientific VISIONlite software and OptLab-SPX software.

Reporter-SPX 1.1     August 2003
- Comprehensive report calculation functions and decision options with spectral data and user entries - possible also with several spectra
- Extended user entry options: AskNumber, AskText, AskChoice with definition of ranges and defaults,
- Graph peak labels optionally vertical (0, 90, 270 deg),
- Parameters can be referenced to spectra with a *, which generates a tabular result presentation for all spectra
- Installation as an extension to OptLab-SPX.

Reporter-SPX 1.0       February 2003
  Initial version