Basic Literature for UV/Vis Spectroscopy

You will find information about the basics of UV/Vis spectroscopy in all standard text books on analytical chemistry and spectroscopy, as well as in many text books about physics or physical chemistry. Only very rarely nowadays, scientific journals publish articles on UV/Vis applications or on UV/Vis instrumentation. However, an overview on new techniques and applications is presented every year in the review editions of ‘Analytical Chemistry’. As a rule the instrument manufacturers of UV/Vis instrumentation will be able to provide general and specific publications, see for example the web site of Thermo Scientific.

Below is a selected list of monographs about UV/Vis spectroscopy, both in German and in English:

Perkampus, H.H.   UV-VIS-Spektroskopie und ihre Anwendung
Springer-Verlag, Berlin (1986)

Schmidt, W.   Optische Spektroskopie
VCH, Weinheim (2000)
ISBN 3-527-29828-2

Gauglitz, G.   Praktische Spektroskopie
Attempo, Tübingen (1983)

Gottwald, W.; Heinrich, K.H.    UV/VIS-Spektroskopie für Anwender
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim (1998)
ISBN 3-527-28760-4

Thomas A. Germer, Joanne C. Zwinkels, Benjamin K. Tsai (Eds.)
Spectrophotometry: Accurate Measuremenats of Optical Properties of Materials
Vol 46, Experimental Methods in the Physical Sciences
Elsevier, Amsterdam (2014)
ISBN 9780123860231

Wilfried Neumann Fundamentals of Dispersive Optical Spectroscopy Systems
SPIE Monograph (2014)
ISBN 9780819498243

Wilfried Neumann Applications of Dispersive Optical Spectroscopy Systems
SPIE Monograph (2015)
ISBN 9781628413724

Hampel, B.   Absorptionspektroskopie im ultravioletten und sichtbaren Spektralbereich
Vieweg, Braunschweig (1962)

Derkosch, J.  Absorptionsspektralanalyse im ultravioletten, sichtbaren und infraroten Gebiet
Akad. Verlagsgesellschaft, Frankfurt (1967)

Tony Owen Fundamentals of UV-visible spectroscopy A Primer
Hewlett-Packard Germany, Waldbrunn (1996)
Hewlett Packard (jetzt agilent) Publication Number 12-5965-5123E

Knowles, A.; Burgess, C. (Eds.)    Practical Absorption Spectrometry
Chapman and Hall, London (1986)
ISBN 0 412 24390 3

Knowles, A.; Burgess, C. (Eds.)    Standards in Absorption Spectrometry
Chapman and Hall, London (1981)
ISBN 0 412 22470 4

B.J. Clark, T. Frost (Eds.), Ultraviolet Spectrometry Group (Great Britain) UV Spectroscopy Techniques, instrumentation, data handling
Techniques in Visible and Ultraviolet Spectrometry, Vol 4
Chapman and Hall, London (1993)
ISBN 0 412 40530 X

Edisbury, J.R.    Practical Hints on Absorption Spectrometry
Hilger and Watts, London (1966)

Rao, C.N.R.    Ultraviolet and Visible Spectroscopy
Butterworths, London (1967)

Sinclair, L.; Denney, C.    Visible and ultraviolet spectroscopy
John Wiley, Sussex, (1987)

Stern, E.S.; Timmons, C.J.    Introduction to Electronic Absorption Spectroscopy in Organic Chemistry
Arnold, London (1970)

Thomas, M.J.K.    Ultraviolet & Visible Spectroscopy
Wiley, Sussex (1996)

Sommer, L.    Analytical Absorption Spectrophotometry in the Visible and Ultraviolet
(Studies in Analytical Chemistry 8)
Elsevier, Amsterdam (1989)

Bashford, C.L.; Harris D.A.    Spectrophotometry & spectrofluorometry – a practical approach
IRL Press

Jaffe, H.H.; Orchin, M.    Theory and Applications of Ultraviolet Spectroscopy
John Wiley, New York (1951)

Lever, A.B.P.    Inorganic Electronic Spectroscopy
Elsevier, Amsterdam (1968)

Görog, S.    Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometry in Pharmaceutical Analysis
CRC Press (1995)
ISBN 0-894-38691-8

Burgess, S.; Jones D.G.    Spectrophotometry, Luminescence and Color; Science and Compliance
Elsevier, Amsterdam (1995)
ISBN 0-444-81718-2

Wilfried Neumann

Website: Glossary of UV/Vis spectroscopy - Biochrom

Royal Society of Chemistry, UK
Website: Modern Chemical Analysis Methods Ch 4: Ultraviolet/visible spectroscopy